A Guide to Casino Bonuses

One could argue that casinos, both land-based ones and the web versions are quite simple to handle. In essence, if you know which games you want to play they can be. But as we’re progressing in the domain of online betting, the more these casinos are becoming sophisticated. This is best seen in the amount of bonuses they’re ready to put forth toward their players. Casinos are always eager to get new customers and keep the regular ones at bay and thus they tend to have quite nice bonuses for both.

The competition is high in the universe of online casinos, and every player counts. Having loyal players and being able to attract ones is quite a feat. These gambling establishments found a way through which they could do both at the same time. We’re talking about bonuses that can be used for all kinds of online casino games. If you’re still not grasping your mind around how these bonuses look or how they function we’re here to educate you a tad bit. So, keep reading on and see for yourself this simple guide to casino bonuses.

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Welcome Bonuses – Your Way In

Every story has a beginning, and when it comes to online casinos your story starts with a welcome bonus. These bonuses just might be the best thing about any casino. You join, create an account, register, and a casino treats you with free spins. As you can already guess these small, and sometimes big presents have only one intention – to attract new players. Depending on the casino of your choice you will get it upon registering while in some cases you’ll need to lay down a deposit that will be instantly matched by the gambling establishment. While they appear enticing at first there could be a potential catch or two so before you start making big plans with welcome bonuses make sure you read terms and conditions, rules, wagering requirements, and everything in between before you start spending it.

No-Deposit Bonuses – The Best Gift

As we said, casinos these days operate in the waters of high competition. When there’s just so many fish in the sea it is vital that you attract the biggest tuna to your net. This can be done with an amazing offer of that no-deposit bonus. With this offer casinos let their players explore their establishments and learn about the games and rules of engagement. No one ever said no to some free money so taking this present is something that casinos expect from any player. They provide a great gambling environment and hope that once the no-deposit bonus is no more the player will stick around to play with real money. It is a simple equation in essence, but you need to know that these gifts are wrapped in thick paper and that sometimes below the initial shine, you also have certain wagering requirements to meet or various other conditions to fulfill to take full advantage of it.

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Free Spins, Big Wins

If you love slot games, there is no better casino reward than this one. It is not one of a kind, and we could say that this is the oldest reward in gambling history. Free spins are what they sound like. Free spinning lucky charms on games of slots. You can receive free spins upon joining a casino when you pay a deposit, or they can be rewards within the game you’re already playing. Either way, they’re best to use straight away once you receive them. With free spins, you have rounds of gaming that can lead to wins, and they come free of any charge. For people who enjoy slots, there is no greater reward.

Lock and Reload

Many new casino visitors believe that casinos look more after the new guys than after established players. That’s not true. Many casinos run loyalty programs of all kinds, and one of the ways to reward regular guests is through reload bonuses. In some ways the reload bonus is quite similar to the welcome one. The only difference is that the latter is for new players, while the former is for those who make a deposit. Usually, we’re talking about a percentage of your deposit while in some instances it can match it or even double and triple it. In the end, it all depends on how much you deposit as casinos tend to value more players who play more. You can’t argue with that logic, now, can’t you?

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Go Back Cashback

People often say that you shouldn’t visit the places where you already were and had a bad time. Casinos are different. The more they change the more they remain the same. When it comes to gambling houses this is a good thing. They are loyal to loyal players. The more you play the more you’ll be rewarded. Cashback is one of those things that come as valuable to many players. They refer to the amount of money you’ll get back after depositing for a while.  Many casinos have this option, but there are plenty of those that do not. So don’t be surprised if your favorite establishment doesn’t offer it. At the end of the day, you’re free to find a house that does. It is always good to get some of the money you squandered back.

Loyalty Programs

It is always nice when you have your loyalty rewarded. Casinos know how to value their most loyal players. Because of that, they have installed various loyalty programs, VIP programs, and different types of clubs to cater to their best players. When a player visits a casino site, some sites will allow the player to accumulate bonus points with the house of their choice. When you’re a part of a loyalty program many of the bonuses we listed above are daily occurrences.

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Bottom Line

Visiting casinos is not only about playing games. It is more about learning the house rules and taking advantage of them. Bonuses are at the core of every casino experience and with this article you should be more equipped than ever to approach them and use the bonuses in the best way possible.