Boba POPS: A Unique Craft Beverage

Pursuitist recently received samples of a very unique, very tasty craft beverage – Boba POPS. Is this the perfect drink for any occasion? We think the answer is yes!

What are Boba POPS?

Boba, also known as tapioca pearls, are made from tapioca starch, which comes from the cassava root. Boba POPS are alcoholic popping Boba. The “POPS” stands for Pearls Of Popping Spirits. The pearls are filled with flavored liqueurs, and and the boba shells for this drink are made from a tasteless, safe, seaweed extract. 

Boba POPS were inspired by friends

A group of friends got together for a sushi dinner and sat down for an evening of craft cocktails after their meal. While making a martini, one of the friends spilled a few drops of raspberry liqueur into the bowl where the kelp for the sushi had been soaking. The tasteless kelp extract, now known as “alginate,” reacted with the liqueur and formed – you guessed it – pearls!

From there, Boba POPS were born

The friends made more of these pearls, added them to their cocktails, and found that they added a unique level of taste and texture to their drinks. With this innovative process, Boba POPS entered the craft beverage scene.

Boba POPS are a perfect way to add a little “POP” to your favorite beverages. We love to use Boba POPS in lemonades, seltzers, and teas with a boba straw, or as an ingredient in unique cocktails. They also make great toppings on ice cream and frozen yogurt, cakes and pies, and even pancakes and waffles.

Boba Pops are available in liquor stores and bars/restaurants nationwide and are available for delivery to almost every state at and For delivery to Pennsylvania directly from their distillery, visit





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