How to Increase Your Hair Strength

Everyone wishes for strong, healthy, and easily manageable hair, and having it is a true blessing. For those individuals who are scrolling through the web to find ways to strengthen hair roots, we are here for you.

Strong tresses can stand tough against different styling and changing weather conditions. Do you know the reason behind this? Thick strands mean that they are more protein-enriched, which helps maintain the natural volume. Since everyone has different hair types, the growth differs but this doesn’t mean you can’t have lustrous and healthy mane. Sure, you can!

Before we take through the solutions of supplements like omega 3 capsules, vitamins, and exercises, you should know the root causes of hair thinning or loss. Let’s begin.

What Causes Hair Loss?


Usually, losing 50-100 hairs in a day is common. If this number increases, it may be a cause for concern, and you need to pay attention to it. The thinning of your strands may be the result of:

1. Genetics

Genetics are among the common causes of hair loss, which happens with ageing. If you observe that everyone in your family has this condition, it is called androgenic alopecia. The pattern of hair fall in this condition is quite common as you observe receding hairline. You also see bald patches and hair loss in the front hairline.

2. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes may be the cause of your temporary or permanent hair loss. These changes can be because of childbirth, menopause, or pregnancy. Some immune-related problems or infections can also cause hair loss in patches.

3. Medications

If you are taking any medications to relieve the symptoms of any underlying condition, then it can cause hair fall or thinning. Though this may be temporary, you can grow and strengthen your tresses later.

4. Stress

If you are surviving in a stressful environment, you must care for your hair health. This hair loss or weakening can happen for some time, and your strands return to normal condition when you relieve stress.

5. Styling and Products

Hair styling and different hair care products are not new for anyone. You must have heard that anything in excess is good for nothing. If you style or colour your hair most often and combine the use of products, these compel your hair to leave the roots. If there occurs scarring after this, your hair loss may be permanent.

How Do You Know If Your Hair Fall has Become Serious?


Hair fall or thinning occurs in multiple ways that may steal the chance of managing your hair. If you experience the following signs, start caring for your mane even more:

  • Bald spots
  • Thinning and falling easily
  • Receding hairline
  • Widening forehead

Edibles to Improve the Health

What you eat supplies nutrition to your hair roots. It is important to analyse your nutrition intake to support your hair health carefully:

1. Nuts

It can be good news for your tresses if you love snacking on crunchy and salty peanuts, walnuts, and cashews. These nuts give your mane the required protein, biotin, and zinc. Cumulatively, they help stimulate hair growth while preventing hair loss. Nutrient-rich nuts help in regrowth of your strands. Selenium, a mineral in these nuts, promotes thyroid hormone production, which regulates hair growth.

2. Salmon


You must have been hearing about salmon for the growth of your strands for years. This type of fish has the most nutrition needed for your hair strength. It is a main source of omega 3, which has strong evidence of preventing hair loss. It also improves the quality, texture, and volume of your hair. With omega 3, salmon also has vitamin D and B for your strong and healthy tresses. You can also add vitamin D tablets to increase nutrition and leverage benefits.

3. Eggs

Eggs are a good nutrient source, like choline, vitamins A, D, B12, iron, and biotin. It helps grow your tresses to fuller length. If someone is pregnant and breastfeeding a child, there are high chances of biotin deficiency. To balance this, eggs are a wonderful source in your diet.

4. Chia Seeds

Now, chia seeds have become one of the most preferred choices as a nutritional powerhouse. If you are vegan, you won’t regret the intake of chia seeds as they also have disease-fighting antioxidants. These seeds have 20% higher protein content than soybeans, which helps in strengthening and promoting lustrous hair.

Exercises for Hair Strength

Along with foods, you should perform some exercises that help improve the health and growth of your strands. Here are some exercises that you can try:

1. Jogging


The basic concern for the growth of your tresses is blood circulation. If you jog four times a week, that would be enough to increase blood flow to your scalp. You can also perform cardio activities to stimulate your scalp health. Jogging is the simplest way to supply blood flow to your scalp.

2. Side to Side Hops

If you do side hops every day, it boosts the strength of your strands and maintains strong roots. You need to widen your legs apart to match your shoulder width and jump on each foot individually. This activates blood flow and ensures your hair grows thick and healthy.

3. Push-Ups


Push-ups are brilliant for anyone looking for healthier growth of your tresses. You can do push-ups anywhere; it is one of the most convenient choices. While you do it, the exertion increases the blood flow that helps deliver oxygen to your scalp. You can do it in sets; 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions can maximise the results.

Wrapping Up

Problems related to mane differ for everyone, and different solutions may work for you. You can make changes to your diet, do some physical activities and boom! You can unlock the best possibilities of growing and strengthening your tresses. Be it from foods like eggs, nuts, and salmon or supplements like iron tablets, omega 3, and vitamin D, you must balance hair growth-supporting nutrients.