John Legend and Christopher Parr Talk Wine, Music & Food

In celebration of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s 4th child, here’s a look back at Christopher Parr‘s recent interview with the iconic Legend. The two discussed family, wine and music while celebrating in the Napa home of winemaker Jean-Charles Boisset.

Music icon John Legend and Christopher Parr of the Pursuitist met in Napa Valley to talk about the team up with LG Signature to create a limited-edition 2018 vintage Cabernet Sauvignon with the star’s LVE Wines.

John Legend is an official brand ambassador for LG Electronics and a natural partner for the LG Signature, the first ultra-premium brand across multiple LG product categories. At the launch event in Napa to celebrate the limited-edition LG Signature x LVE Cabernet Sauvignon, the electronics giant also announced the premium Textured Steel Finish of the LG Signature Wine Cellar.


LG Signature Wine Cellar helps to keep each type of wine at its ideal temperature and in perfect humidity-controlled condition. The design of this sleek 3-layered black mirrored glass door appliance was the inspiration behind the limited-edition wine packaging.

At the launch party in Napa Valley, attendees were treated to a special private concert from John Legend himself. The Grammy award-winning artist’s performance included “All of Me” and a soul-style interpretation of “You Deserve It All.”

John Legend and Christopher Parr Talk Wine, Music & Food

Among special guests and ambassadors attending this special release party were international style icon Olivia Palermo and wine critic James Suckling. During the event, I had the opportunity to sit down with the cordial Legend to discuss wine, music, food, and his legacy.

John Legend and Christopher Parr Talk Wine, Music & Food

John Legend on his love of wine and the launch of LVE Wines:

“I love wine. I love the experiences that I connect with wine — the travel, the food, the romance — everything that I associate with wine has always been a beautiful experience for me. My fans always told me that my music and wine really connected for them. So, I thought, why not make the connection more explicit? Let’s create our own wine brand.”

John Legend on his favorite food and wine pairings:

“I enjoy the cabernet with red meat — Chrissy makes a really amazing beef Wellington. I love having the rosé with my fried chicken and some of my soul food that I make. I also like the sparkling rosé with a lot with spicy foods, so if we’re having taco night, it’s really good. I love making steaks, and the cabernet is wonderful with that.”

John Legend performance

John Legend on his legacy:

“I want to be remembered for making life more beautiful and more loving. You may notice a lot of what I do makes things more beautiful. We talk about love, and I talk about it when I speak at graduations, and, yeah, it’s in the name of my wine. It’s in the name of a lot of my music. I feel like if we make the world more loving and beautiful, it’s a good legacy to have.”

What’s on John Legend’s playlist:

“I have lots of playlists, so I’m a playlist impresario, because I’ll make a playlist for different events and different moments — for Valentine’s Day, for date night, for a barbecue, for a kids’ party, because you’ve got to edit it down for the ones that are kid appropriate. I like classic soul and a little bit of jazz. I make playlists for all of it, but for when I’m cooking, I love to listen to Marvin Gaye and Nina Simone as we’re getting ready. I’m usually drinking a glass of wine, cooking with Chrissy, and getting ready to have people over.”

John Legend on wine, Pursuitist, and collaborating with “the best.”

“Just like with all of my creative endeavors, my approach to winemaking is to collaborate with the best and make something magical. So, you can relate, Pursuitist is the Louis Vuitton of luxury blogs. Let’s bring pleasure and beauty to the world.”

John Legend LVE

John Legend Signature Series By LVE Cabernet Sauvignon

The invite-only event took place at Wappo Hill, the private home of celebrated vintner and co-founder of LVE, Jean-Charles Boisset. LG SIGNATURE brand ambassadors – the international style authority Olivia Palermo and noted wine critic James Suckling – were among the evening’s special guests, while other VIP attendees included LG SIGNATURE customers, retailers, journalists, wine reviewers and lifestyle influencers.

The limited-edition Legend X SIGNATURE wine is a 2018-vintage cabernet sauvignon crafted at Napa Valley’s renowned Raymond Vineyards. Only 300 bottles have been made, with 50 served at the event and the remainder available exclusively to LG SIGNATURE VIP customers and those purchasing an LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar.

“It was a pleasure to celebrate our limited-edition wine with music in such an intimate environment for people to truly experience the magic of LG SIGNATURE and LVE,” Legend added.



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