Try $145,000 Whisky at Only These Two Locations

Have you ever wondered what a $145,000 dollar whisky tastes like? The Balvenie has released their oldest liquid to date- The Balvenie 60. With only 71 bottles to be sold worldwide, this extremely rare collector’s item is from a single European Hogshead cask from 1962, the year Malt Master David C. Stewart started at the Distillery. David recently celebrated celebrated six decades at the Distillery in 2022, making him the longest serving Malt Master in industry history.


The packaging was thoughtfully planned, with a mix of gold, glass and brass resembling artwork. The tube casing was designed to reflect layers of memories from Davids career, and this bottle is the first to carry the signature of both David and current Malt MasterKelsey McKechnie. The notes of the Balvenie Sixty include intense leather and oak aromas, balanced with floral aromas on the nose, layered rich toffee and oak on the palate.  Described by Kelsey “on the nose the whisky has a mesmerizing array of autumnal aromas; lavender, heather and bracken. Whilst rich toffee, roasted coffee and beautifully layered oak dominate the palate. The flavor evolves with time revealing bursts of cloves, nutmeg, charred oak and candied orange in an exceptional long lasting finish”.


bottle shot

The Balvenie Sixty can be tried at only two locations in the world. One, Nubeluz by Jose Andres at The Ritz-Carlton New York, NoMad in New York City for $6,000 for .5 oz pour or $12,000 per 1 oz pour. The other location is Boston Harbor Hotel for $12,500 per 1.5oz pour. For more information visit:


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